Monday, March 24, 2008

Del Shannon - The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover

Year: 1968
Country: USA
Until I found this album, I would have never thought of Del Shannon when thinking of psychedelic rock but that's what you will find on this album. I used to have this on vinyl but I sold it for some reason. Click here to listen.


mike-floyd said...

Like what you're doing!

I started a little blog of my own called:
and linked your site there.
If you like, it would be nice if you add my page to your list.


Jay Beck said...

Cool site! Added the link. Thanks!

ge said...

Got it and all his nearby erawise works and late DISCovered Del's Loser-Genius!!
He rules in heaven of bad-hair great falsetto white guys

Music For Chameleons said...

I found this album a few summers ago and it totally changed my views on Del Shannon. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so there's another one?

It's practically a genre now. Chubby Checker had his Holland-only self-titled psych album. The Four Seasons released "Genuine Imitation Life Gazette." There's "Psychedelic Percussion Of Hal Blaine." There's "Electric Mud" and "After The Rain" by Muddy Waters. There's even "Miracles" by Yma Sumac. Going further afield, there's "The Ventures In Space," that space album by 101 Strings, another one by Mystic Moods Orchestra... Did I miss any?