Friday, March 21, 2008

The Kult - No Home Today / Mister Number One

Year: 1969
Country: UK
Here is another outstanding group that only released one 45 RPM single. This is truly a psychedelic rock masterpiece. I don't think this one has been reissued but I recently saw an original copy of this single sell for nearly $150. Click here to listen.


Heymate said...

Thanks for the post. I was a member of the Kult. That was recorded in Pye #2 studios in Marble Arch, London in 1969. The A side was written by our producer and Mr Number One by myself Richard Melhuish and the Lead Singer Pete Driscoll.

Anonymous said...

Both sides featured on the cd collection 'The Perfumed Garden #2'. Is this the same band from Dublin that included Paul Brady at one time?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

TOD said...

Its not the same as the Dublin band, the link below explains where the confusion often comes from.

Fr. Charles Erlandson said...

Heymate: I can't believe I found something posted by a member of "Kult"! This has got the be the most incredible unknown 45 of all time (both sides)!

Can you tell me anything else about the band? I'm especially interested in the meaning and inspiration behind "No Home Today" (I'm not even sure I'm hearing all the lyrics correctly.) "No Home Today" is one of the songs that mosts haunts me! It's unlike anything else, hints at a world of mysteries, and has impeccable guitar work!

Thanks for any info.

Anonymous said...

The Kult were previously called The Little Gromwells