Monday, March 24, 2008

Del Shannon - The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover

Year: 1968
Country: USA
Until I found this album, I would have never thought of Del Shannon when thinking of psychedelic rock but that's what you will find on this album. I used to have this on vinyl but I sold it for some reason. Click here to listen.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Superfine Dandelion - Superfine Dandelion

Year: 1967
Country: USA
Here is a really cool psych folk album from 1967 on the fantastic Mainstream label. I'm probably not the first person to post this one online but it is one of my favorites that I have on vinyl. I definately recommend checking out this album if you have never heard it before. Click here to listen.

Der Fuehrer's Face

Found this interesting piece of sheet music at an estate sale.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Kult - No Home Today / Mister Number One

Year: 1969
Country: UK
Here is another outstanding group that only released one 45 RPM single. This is truly a psychedelic rock masterpiece. I don't think this one has been reissued but I recently saw an original copy of this single sell for nearly $150. Click here to listen.

The Riders Of The Mark - The Electronic Insides And Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Doktor Krieg / Gotta Find Somebody

Year: 1967
Country: USA
Here is another fantastic group that only released one 45 RPM single. Both songs are outstanding and definately among my favorites. I don't think there is a reissue available and I've never seen a copy for sale but I'm sure it would be very pricey to obtain this rare single. Click here to listen.

The Apple-Glass Cyndrom - Going Wrong / Someday

Year: 1969
Country: USA
As far as I know, this group's sole release was this 45 RPM single. I saw an original copy of this single sell for over $350 recently but luckily there is a Sundazed reissue available at a much lower price. You'll probably want a copy of this fuzzy garage psych monster as soon as you hear it. Click here to listen.

Lost In Cyberspace

I got lost in a parallel universe recently. Sorry for the lack of posts but that ends today. If anyone has any requests please feel free to post them in the comments and if you wouldn't mind giving one of the ads a click when you visit that would be fantastic.