Friday, January 25, 2008

The Monks

The Monks were a group of 5 American GIs stationed in Germany in the mid-1960's. They began as The 5 Torquays and evolved into The Monks. Their lone album, Black Monk Time, is in my opinion one of the best of the 1960's. Below this post is nearly everything Monks that there is to be found. I do not have the live album "Let's Start A Beat!" so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone out there has that album available to share please post a link here.


TBA said...

Dave Day from the Monks just died this month. Whether you meant it to be or not, this is a nice tribute.

Jay Beck said...

I was not aware of that, terrible news. Their music is great and I hope more people out there get to hear it because I think they will be blown away. The Monks to me are one of the true pioneers of punk rock and I hope they continue to gain more deserved recognition as well as more fans.

Spindiscs said...

Superb quality sound,great upload, more importantly what an amazing wild superb group of guys producing the most mindblowing of music. Thanks!