Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Dipper (2008)

My brother is also interested in photography and he took this great shot of the Big Dipper at Chippewa Lake Park a couple days ago. I wanted to get a shot like this when I was there but there were still too many leaves. This place is currently undergoing redevelopment after sitting unused for 30 years and the weird beauty of the abandoned amusement park will all be gone.
You can see more photos by my brother on Flickr:


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Mr. Clem said...

I rode that thing many times. Dad's old employer held their company picnics at Chippewa Lake and later as a teen I attended the WHLO appreciation days held there.

Saw some great acts play there like the original Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart and Nicky Hopkins) and Fanny. Too bad Fanny never got the praise they deserved. They were a tremendous live band that often outperformed the bigger name acts they opened for.

jazzme said...

Something beautifully eerie about this photo